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Duel Monsters Character Tournament #1

  • 16 Jugadores
  • Swiss
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • July 27, 2019 a las 7:00 PM BST
  • Registro: Cerrado

Tournament completed!

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Duel Monsters Character Tournament - Sign Up!

Tournament Prize: £10 Steam / Amazon Gift Card / Paypal

Made some new changes to the old character tournament format, aiming to make the character tournament more character focused by increasing deck limit requirement for character exclusive cards aswell as introducing anime cards that a character used from the anime, a more accurate reflection of a character's deck. The character format will be using Traditional banlist from this point moving forward, allowing you to use some of the trade-mark cards for the Anime series (pot of greed etc). Deck-building skills are still required to make the bulk of the deck but you will need to incorporate a character's own deck strategy into your chosen character's decks too. Please see below full tournament rules: 


1. Register for the tournament here https://ygoprotournaments.challonge.com/tournaments/signup/eK3OJFObyV and let me know your chosen character. Please ensure your challonge username matches your Facebook username, you can change this in your settings on Challonge. Please also put in brackets your chosen character on challonge next to your username e.g. Jamster26 (Yugi Muto V1) etc.

2. Select one archetype from the list below and let me know your chosen character. Contact me if there are any I have missed off. Only Yu-Gi-Oh! characters from Duel Monsters can be chosen.

3. You cannot pick a character that has already been taken. Some characters have different version according to their deck themes used against different characters in the anime.

4. Your main deck MUST contain atleast 15 cards that the character used in the anime. Your main deck cannot exceed 45 cards. The 15 card character  requirement must still be kept even after siding. Pre-Errata cards are not allowed, must use the current versions. Where different versions of said characters are listed, you must choose cards for that character specifically for the season specificied to meet the 15 card requirement (example: Atem V1 (Duelist Kingdom - must have 15 cards that Yugi used in DK in your main deck). 

5. Anime cards are allowed but you can only use anime cards that the character was shown to have used, please note some anime cards wlll be banned or limited as shown in the banlist below the rules.  This is subject to change, contact me if you feel any cards should be added / removed. 

6. Your extra deck can only contain cards that the character used in the anime. Only one copy of the cards are allowed in your extra deck (unless they were shown to have multiple copies). Some of the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, especially from the first season had no extra deck cards and that's the way it goes.

7. Beyond these rules, you can make your decks anyway you like.

8. I shall be uploading the tournament match duels from the Quarter Finals onwards to my Youtube channel, subscribe and support the tournament here:  https://www.youtube.com/c/ygotournaments

9. You must send me your decklist (main, extra and side deck) that you wish to use for the tournament by sending me the YGOPRO YDK deck file on Facebook. Players have until the day of the tournament to resubmit their decks. You cannot change your deck (main, extra and side) once the tournament begins. Report to me if your opponent violates any deck requirement.

10. BOTH players must record replays of all rounds and the winner uploads all replays with names and scores to me on Discord or Facebook (Ex. Yugi vs Mai 2-1, Yugi vs Mai 2-0) If no replay, then re-duel.

11. Each round lasts 2 days. If a replay is not submitted by then, a win is given to the more active player. Active players are determined by activity on Discord. If both players are inactive/active, then a 0-0 score is given.

12. You are responsible for scheduling your matches with your opponent. PM your opponent on Discord and schedule a time to duel. If you cannot find your opponent, then contact me.

9. ALL participants must "check in" on challonge one day before (26th July) up until the tournament start time in order to be entered. You will receive an email from challonge reminding you of this.

[u][b]Anime Banned List: (Work In Progress - You can use their TCG counterparts).[/b][/u]

Card Exchange (Lumis & Umbra)

Deepest Impact (Noah Kaiba)

Final Attack Orders (Kaiba)

Giant Flood (Noah Kaiba)

Golden Castle of Stormberg (Zigfried)

Ice Age Panic (Noah Kaiba)

Mimicat (Pegasus)

Monster Recovery (Atem)

Monster Replace (Atem)

Negative Energy (Pegasus)

Negative Energy Generator (Seto Kaiba)

Nibelung's Ring (Zigfried)

Nibelung's Treasure (Zigfried)

Riryoku (Paradox Brothers)

Underworld Circle (Atem)

Virus Cannon (Kaiba)

Zoma The Spirit (Bakura)

TCG Banned List:

Mystic Mine

Anime Limited List: 

Amazoness Chain Master (Mai Valentine)

Beckon To Darkness (Arkana)

Brain Control (Atem)

Call of the Haunted (Bonz)

Card of Demise (Kaiba)

Card of Sanctity (Mai, Atem)

Crush Card Virus (Kaiba)

Deck Destruction Virus (Kaiba)

Grave Arm (Mai Valentine)

Graverobber (Joey)

Life Shaver (Atem, Kaiba)

Mind Control (Espa Roba)

Mirror Wall (Mai Valentine)

Mischief of the Time Goddess (Zigried)

Monster Recovery (Atem)

Obelisk The Tormentor (Atem, Kaiba, Gurimo)

Power Balance (Kaiba)

Rebirth Tablet (Bakura)

Roll of Fate (Joey Wheeler)

Slifer The Sky Dragon (Strings, Atem)

Soul Charge (Rafael)

Soul Exchange (Kaiba)

Spell Of Pain (Marik)

Spell Sanctuary (Kaiba)

Winged Dragon Of Ra (Odion, Marik, Atem)

List: 2019.4 Traditional Banlist

Allowed Cards: TCG

Format:  Swiss ----> Single Elimination

Begins: July 27, 7PM GMT

Duel Mode: Match

Location: YGOPro Percy


Final Results


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Rango Participante Partido G-P-E
(victorias +1.0, empates +1.0)
Sets ganados
Puntuación TB Dif. de ptos. Pts Buchholz
1 RenEzura (Atem V2) (RenEzura) 4 - 0 - 0 4 0 16.0 0 7 8 12.0
2 Joey S. (Bandit Keith V1) (GB_Gasmask) 3 - 1 - 0 3 0 12.0 1 5 7 20.0
3 LordSimo98 (Mai Valentine V3) (LordSimo98) 3 - 1 - 0 3 0 12.0 1 3 6 20.0
4 quan12345 (Atem V4) (quan12345) 3 - 1 - 0 3 0 12.0 0 4 7 12.0
5 Erik Elmasllari(Seto KaibaV2) (Elmasllari) 3 - 1 - 0 3 0 12.0 0 4 6 16.0
6 siberdark (Seto Kaiba V5) (siberdark) 2 - 2 - 0 2 0 8.0 2 -2 4 20.0
7 Ashour02 (Marik Ishtar) (Ashour02) 2 - 2 - 0 2 0 8.0 1 2 6 16.0
8 Gojira2904 (Seto Kaiba V6) (Gojira2904) 2 - 2 - 0 2 0 8.0 1 0 5 16.0
9 Reza_Anzu (Tea Gardner) (Reza_D) 2 - 2 - 0 2 0 8.0 1 0 5 16.0
10 RuneKing (Joey Wheeler V3) (RuneKing) 2 - 2 - 0 2 0 8.0 0 1 5 12.0
11 jiffypop23 (Rebecca Hawkins V1) (jiffypop23) 2 - 2 - 0 2 0 8.0 0 0 5 12.0
12 verniyx001 (Bakura V1) (verniyx001) 1 - 3 - 0 1 0 4.0 1 -4 2 16.0
13 NickTrooper (Valon) (NickTrooper) 1 - 3 - 0 1 0 4.0 0 -4 3 24.0
14 ArthurPedraza (dartz) (StratosBroken) 0 - 3 - 0 0 1 4.0 0 -6 0 8.0
15 ShadowBlade2611 (Bakura V3) (ShadowBlade2611) 0 - 4 - 0 0 0 0.0 0 -7 1 20.0
16 HHCG Malea (Aigami) (Malea) 1 - 2 - 0 1 1 8.0 1 -3 2 8.0